Few days ago, I came across a new site to generate more income from our blog. The site is Infolinks.com which is offering in text advertising for all websites and blogging platform. If you are confused what is "in text" advertising, just look around Earn Money From Blog, you will notice a lot of text are underlined in Blue color. Those are text links created by Infolinks.com.
Infolinks.com in text advertising is quite similar to in text advertisements of Kontera.com. Personally, I feel that Inforlinks.com is new and it is worth to give it a try. In text advertisements are effective and can engage users more efficiently. It is because by hovering our mouse pointer to the in text links, advertisements will appear to provide more information for readers.
So, in text advertising can actually get more clicks and make us more money. Since I am just starting out to try Infolinks.com, I hope I can see some good results to show you in few months time.
Please read on for more because I have place an important note at the later section of this post.
If your blog is generating low income, you might want to visit Infolinks.com. Maybe it will work well on your blog.

You are trying to make money and collecting penny's here and there, if you want to add some more in it then try this free site. The name of site is PixProfit.com. The site pays you to write text written on the pictures.If you have heard about CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) then you know what you have to do. This site is devoted for data-entering. Your job will help to digitize books and papers. Another goal is to assist to visually and hearing impaired persons wishing to use computers and internet. Many websites now require so called CAPTCHA's to be entered in order for the user to continue using website services. This has significantly increased in a few past years: e-mail, shopping and many more websites now require the CAPTCHA to be inputted. Some websites have an audio option, but these are not easy to solve.
Job Details
Your job is to retype the picture content into the input field in English.
You will be paid from $1 for 1000 pictures.
You can proceed up to ten pictures per minute.
Minimal amount for transfer is $3, payment systems are PayPal and Webmoney.
Transactions are done daily.
You will get pictures based on your priority. If you type pictures correctly then you will high priority.
TIPS from me
Don't go fast to earn more you can increase mistakes by speeding up.
Use some zooming applications so that CAPTCHA's will be more clear.
Letters are case sensitive so be more careful.


If you  think you can write on something or you have knowledge about something the you can use it for earning revenue through the BUKISA. Everyone has the ability to contribute knowledge to the society.  Some can write good, while others are more technically strong. Others can contribute to the BUKISA community in other ways, whether it’s by providing videos, podcast or PowerPoint slides on any articles. There are many ways to contribute your knowledge with BUKISA. Anyone who joins the BUKISA community and shares their knowledge they are given their share of the profits.

You can earn money on BUKISA by following ways.
  Uploading an informative article.
  Uploading an classroom lecture audio
  Uploading any informative video.

This site is FREE to join and you can start making money now.

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The HYIFund  i.e. High Yield Investment Funds site allows you to earn a interest on your deposited money on the site. The good thing about this site is that they will give you a starting 2.5$ for free as a beginning investment and you will be getting money from very first day without investment. The interest rates are from 0.5% to 3% and can vary within.
To withdraw your interest you should invest at least 1$ through HD-Money or Liberty Reserve or you can directly pay by credit/debit cards. Daily interest payments are paid 7 days per week means you can get your payments at any time you wish to withdraw. You can withdraw funds from your available balance into your HD-Money and Liberty Reserve account at any time by submitting a withdrawal request. The request will be processed within 24 hours. The site is monitored by Investstatus.com, invest-tracing.com, OKHYIPs.com etc.

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