Few days ago, I came across a new site to generate more income from our blog. The site is Infolinks.com which is offering in text advertising for all websites and blogging platform. If you are confused what is "in text" advertising, just look around Earn Money From Blog, you will notice a lot of text are underlined in Blue color. Those are text links created by Infolinks.com.
Infolinks.com in text advertising is quite similar to in text advertisements of Kontera.com. Personally, I feel that Inforlinks.com is new and it is worth to give it a try. In text advertisements are effective and can engage users more efficiently. It is because by hovering our mouse pointer to the in text links, advertisements will appear to provide more information for readers.
So, in text advertising can actually get more clicks and make us more money. Since I am just starting out to try Infolinks.com, I hope I can see some good results to show you in few months time.
Please read on for more because I have place an important note at the later section of this post.
If your blog is generating low income, you might want to visit Infolinks.com. Maybe it will work well on your blog.


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